Monday, May 30, 2011

Doing The Right Thing

I decided to today to complete my little driver down the Wabash that I started in April.
There was just one little problem

Good thing I have a flood in the plot!
My ride was Hecho en Mexico: A Nissan Sentra

I didn't make all the to Fort Ouienton, but I turned around about 20 miles shy in Attica, Indiana with John Mellencamp singing "Pink Houses" on the radio:

I stopped in Terre Haute and took some photos of the Vigo County Courthouse:

I stopped by the George Rogers Clark memorial. A little Bit different than Yesterday:

From Vincennes Memorial day 2011
I paused here at the Grotto.
From Vincennes Memorial day 2011
For some reason, I've felt drawn to this little town. Since this a nice muggy 95 degree summer day , hanging out with Our Lady in the shade and pondering the mysteries of life sounded like a good idea. she told me to go inside the memorial:

yes that's same top I wore in October . George told me he likes it.
There is a little cemetery by the Cathedral that has the Graves of several folk who fought here in 1779. The Only one that was decorated was Joesph Bowman, the only casualty:

Compared to the defeats I wrote about in Fort Wayne last month, This probably ranks as one of the American armed forces greatest victories. When Henry Hamilton, the British commander of sackville, surrendered, he said to George Clark "Where is the rest of your army?" (Hamilton had him outnumbered 3 to 1) Clark's reply "This is my army."
There several other Graves of Veteran of The siege of Fort Sackville, but died later on:

no one
no had bothered to decorate their graves. A Trip to Walmart was in order:

that's better!


Christopher Averett said...

As a vet and the brother and nephew of vets...Thank you for the taking time out of trip to decorate their graves.

Jana said...

You're welcome.