Saturday, April 09, 2011

There were bicycles in the Revolution?

Yes,i need to Do a trip report. In time. It was a duesy
Anyway, now that I'm in Fort Wayne, I decided that the first place I would go would be : Ohio
You see, My story starts in ohio, More specifically, two places Fort Loramie and Piqua, before moving on to Wapakontea, oh, Fort Wayne, and Eventually Cape Girardeau.
Plus there there were two museum in Ohio I wanted to visit. The Bicycle Museum of America in New Bremen, and the Neil Armstrong Museum In Wapakontea.
I started out bright and early, metaphorically speaking, aiming for where Louis Lorimer (or Pierre Loraime) had his trading post, near Fort Loramie.
There was just one problem: some one had built a reservoir:

The lake itself it not very deep. I wandered about Fort Loraime (it's only about a 1,000 folks
I then made it down the road to Piqua, which is where My Shawnee characters would have been living at the time of George Rogers Clark's raid in 1782
It's on the Miami River:

From 2011-04-09
I stopped at Tim Horton's, had a real latte, and decided to trace a route my characters would have taken.
You see, I had written a scene where a battle takes place in a ravine. I did not realize how flat Northwest Ohio was. Rewrite city, here I come!
But then I heard this voice: "Pull Over" at a Township building. Behind it was: a ravine!:
From 2011-04-09
Yea! the Lord works in Mysterious ways!
I decided to have lunch back in Fort Loraime at a place called Vogelsang's. They had a specialty called the Vogel burger, which was like a Pizza burger (pizza sauce, mozzarella, and mushrooms). I ate it and contrasted the difference between the the two Outpost of Mr Lorimer, Fort Loraime, and Cape Girardeau. Maybe I was expecting them to be more alike.
After that I (and my characters move on to Wapakoneta, Oh . It was the Capital of the Shawnee at the time of Clark's raid. I also have a scene set here.

Wapakoneta is best know for being the Hometown of Niel Armstrong, The First Man to walk on the Moon:

A very good Museum.
I then made my way to new Bremen (nothing here in 1782), home of the bicycle Museum of America:

I was in Hog Heaven:

Why New Bremen, New Bremen is the home Of Crown Equipment (Fork Lift Trucks) The owner bought the Collections of The Schwinn and Huffy Companies when they entered bankruptcy, and moved them here
I them made to back To Fort Wayne, and the History center , which is the old City Hall.

another Bike:

I spent way too much at the museum , and walked down to where the three rivers meet The Saint Joesph, The Saint Mary's and the Maumee
Fort Wayne also appears under its Indian name Kekionga:

I then made my way back to the hotel(not before noticing I made a geographical error. You can't win 'em all) .
A long day , but an enjoyable one, Let's see what tomorrow brings

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