Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting it right

Where was I at? Oh yes, Tippecanoe.
Tecumseh and Tenskawata had built a village there. Tecumseh was out to trying to rally the other tribes when general harrison showed up and built a crude fort. He essentially drew a line in the sand and dared Tenskawata to cross it.
My Two cent summary of the battle.
I spent some time at the museum store (of course) where the Ranger tried to get me to buy several books after he learned what I was doing there. I walked out with a book about Tenskawata, The Prophet. It was the first one I had seen, and I wanted to make I had the details about his life right, as he was a character.
Born Laesheioga (Panther with a handsome tail), he soon acquired the name Lalawiethka (Loud Noise, or the baby rattle) as he had reputation as a braggart. he shot himself in the eye with an arrow, and became an alcoholic.
He drank himself into a Coma, and when he woke up, he announced that the Great Spirit had visited him, and told to if he would stop drinking, He and Tecumseh would be be able to drive the White Man away.
There is a state Park called Prophetstown. Ironically, the main attraction is a 1920's Farm house:

I was more interested in the recreation of Tecumseh and Tenskawata's village:

It was very windy, and I could hear the wind groan through the council house (The Prophet smoked the holy tobacco. The Wind spirit and the Wood spirits told him how to get rid of the Big Knife, Harrison)
There was book explaining the building. It had plastic pages, which were wet due to the gaps in the roof. Makes me glad of modern worksmanship.
I walked back on the prairie:

I decided to press on to Fort Ouiateon:

This was probably a mistake, as it took me an hour to get through Lafayette, it would probably had been better to go to Prophet's Rock, where Tenskawata stood during the Battle.
I have my characters walking down the south side of the Wabash, so I need to check out some of the tributaries, as I wanted to make sure I had the size of the river right.
The Mississinewa was about what I had expected:

it also the the Francis Slocum trail, she was a Pennsylvania woman who was adopted by the Miamis (another theme of my work)

my next stop was the Saalmonie. i had them breaking out Canoes here. There was big problem, It was shallow enough to wade across:

I concluded the day by looking at the Wabash in Huntington. I had them wading through some rapids. the only problem was I looked at the rapids, there were none, and the current appeared too strong:

It was a very long, but worth it. finding mistakes, getting inspiration and details are priceless. hopefully, I get this done and published.

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