Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Same, but different

There is go reason to get up early on Saturday Morning:

I did the club ride, hung out with my Buds:

Drafted off the Mikes:

Held off the Peloton:

Before going up Shinn Road:

at the top:

I came home did my taxes, and Started packing for my trip next week. I 'm to that hot spot, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Why, well to work on one of my books, which starts out in what became Fort Loramie , Ohio, which is down the Road from Fort Wayne, and the Bicycle Museum of america in New Bremen, OH. My Character also walk down the Wabash.
I put the trip together back in November. I was going to fly Ontario - Dallas Fort Worth - Fort Wayne, but discover the only DFW_FWA trip arrived in Fort Wayne at 11:45. PM.
So I wound up adding another airport to keep myself loyal to good old ONT:

Hey another segment, More changes to become the the triple gold plated, Diamond Crusted, executive Platinum status flyer, right? Maybe AA will stop putting me next to the engines on the mD80.
Well, February came. I got an e-mail. American had changed their schedule. The last flight to Fort Wayne was now from O'hare and I was on it. The good news: I now got to Fort Wayne at 11:35.
So , I called up I wound up flying from John Wayne - Santa Ana (SNA) directly to O hare, and get in to Fort Wayne at 5:45PM. On a 757 and an Embraer 145. Life is good. and no re booking fees (after looking at the seating chart, I can see why)
That the problem with long term plans, they require adjustment from time to time. I just completed another goal. I read the entire Bible, a chapter a day. I started out in 2007, and sometimes I did do two chapters at a time (hey, you read Leviticus)
So, keep on plugging on, and I'll post more on friday

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