Saturday, March 05, 2011

Only $200?

February 23, 2011 was my fiftieth birthday. I was debating what do to celebrate it in a grand manner.
I went on American Airline's website and decided to see what the fare was from Ontario to Saint Louis $200 round trip? I'm in!
I decided not to fly on to Cape Girardeau. I would have to wait 5 hours in Saint Louis both ways, and since this was a 3 day trip, I really could not afford to waste that much time.
I woke up early, went by my bank and got some money, picked up a Daily Bulletin, before making my way to ONT. Check in,security, and boarding were uneventful.
Nothing much to note on takeoff – the sky was overcast

But by the time we got to the San Jactinos:

The Salton Sea

Some craters in Arizona

We landed a little ahead of schedule at Terminal A in DFW. I had arranged with my uncle to have lunch together. He was waiting when I walked out. we had a good lunch at Braum's and he gave my a grand tour of Grapevine, before we headed back to DFW, I had some time to spend, so I took a Grand tour on the Sky train, the inter-terminal shuttle. Unlike most airports, it runs above ground.
Terminal D and a Boeing 777:

I really did not have much time to wait before going to STL. Next to our plane was a minor star N984TW, the Last MD-80 built:

We went over the other airport in Dallas, Love Field

and a Lake

We arrived in STL a little late. I went to Avis and got my car, a Chevy HHR:

both sides of I-70 were backed up., so I decided to go down the Inner belt (170) to Kingshiway (gotta visit my old neighborhoods) and got back about 6 Friday, I did noting much . Part of it is that my mother is in her mid 80's and we have a family history of Alzheimer's. so I wanted to spend some time with her while I could. Ironically, I spent of most of my time(and money) running back and forth to the Grocery store. Whose birthday is it anyway?
Sunday , we all went to church. My nephew announced his engagement, coincidentally while I 'm scheduled to be home over the 4th of July.
I did do some research for my fiction by stopping by the Old Burnt Mill in Perry County:

And stopped at the Arch Grounds

I also took photo of the Admiral. It's where Mom and Dad met. Its supposed to be scrapped soon:

I made my back to the Airport and checked in . I paused to take a photo of the Grand hall:

I made it past security and waked down to the end of C concourse
I then found a spot at the Gate and parked and observed

From 2-19-2011
My ride has arrived
From 2-19-2011
I had a row to myself on the 2 seat side with a bulkhead behind me Not bad!
We got to Dfw early , arriving at C39. I made my way to D22, and got there just as they announced a gate swap to D38. I grabbed a quick bite at Popeye's made to D38 with about 10 minutes to spare. The flight to ONT was surprisingly not full. I was on the 3 sea side, and did have a row mate, but had an empty middle seat. Can't beat that!
Upon landing , there was an Antonov an124 being loaded, since this was about 10:00 at night, I decided to leave it unphotographed. 20 minutes after stepping off the plane, I was unlocking my front. I love the Ontario International Airport!
As far as the trip goes, I'm glad I did it I'd love to be back there, butI know I can't go back. Eddie says it better

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