Sunday, March 06, 2011

He rode a blazin pedal?

another one of my friend from Bike Journal, Blazing pedal, came down from Michigan to visit family ,and we did the shop ride from Bent Up cycles
Here he is with Dana Liebermann:
From 3-5-2011
We went up La Tuna Canyon:
From 3-5-2011
and took a break in Montrose, and the view of Downtown LA:
From 3-5-2011
Then I got lost. I decided that the easiest thing to do was to make my way down to Colorado Blvd. I came out at the Arroyo Bridge:

Colorado was real easy , but I was not about getting back to North Hollywood. I wound up on San Fernando road, and took detour to the Terminal for Los Angeles Grand Central Airport

I then mad my back on the Chandler bike path, another old Pacific Electric Right of way:

I had about 47 miles enough for the day

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