Sunday, March 13, 2011

My day with Andre

I have a friend form Quebec City, Andre, that I met on he likes to come down here and spend some time in Palms Springs
The only problem is that he likes to do short rides and I like to long ones, So Friday I took off and did Lytle Creek Canyon:

I wanted to get 50 miles, but I wanted to get 50. oh well!
Saturday, I woke Bright and early, I wound up doing the 25 miles route of the Tour De Palm Springs, once by myself and once with Andre and Lucy.
On my solo trip, There was a nice contrast between the desert and the developed area:

Headed back in to town on Dinah Shore on my Bachetta, not my Chevy:

It was a good thing, as I got lost and wound up at the airport:

I made it back to the fudge shop:
From 3-12-2011
and Andre and Lucy showed up:
From 3-12-2011
we stop at the agua Caliente Casino:
From 3-12-2011
Headed back into town on Gerald Ford with a Golf Cart lane:

we were almost back in to town when Lucy had a flat, which Andre Gallantly Fixed:

When we made it Lucy and Andre invited me to have a shower at their hotel room before we went to lunch. Andre wanted to eat outside, but so did everyone else. We eventually wound up at Las Casuelas Terraza which was excellent. I kidded Andre about ordering a Hamburger and Fries.I had the Tamales which were almost as big as I make. Execelente!
I left them and had a Palm Springs Specialty, the Date shake:
which is severed at the Fudge shop. If you think it sounds gross, try one! While I was there, I remembered Andre saying that anyplace Palm trees grow is a good place to ride your bike, so I got him a Palm tree refrigerator Magnet. I was go to put it on their door , when they walked out. They were going to see the Tramway This, along with the date shake, is a must do when you're in Palm Springs.
You start out about 2500 feet in the desert:

3 miles later , you're at 8000 feet, and it's not the Desert:

What do Canadians do in California?

A nice view of the Cochella Valley:

I left Andre and Lucy to come back to Rancho Cucamonga. I guess could have taken a tour of the Celebrity homes from the fifties, but I'll leave you with this:

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