Monday, March 14, 2011

I killed Tux

For a couple of years, my MobilePC has been an Asus eee pc 701. it been good , espically considering I only paid $150 for it.
It did hve some drawbacks, howeever. It only has a 7 inch screen (Not good for my aging eyes), and a 8 GB hard drive (my first HD was 20MB), plus it ran Linux.
Linux is a free(as in speech) operating system. It's also free (as in Beer). The particular distrubution (Distro) it uses is Xandros.
I did manage to get Java and Grails installed on it, but a couple of other apps defied me.
Plus I had gotten a new cell phone that had a mobile hot spot feature. The only catch: you needed a widows operating system to use it.
So I did some persusing online and headed out down Foothill Boulevard Friday. One of the prbelms was finding something small enough to be portable, but powerful enough not to be a toy.
Best buy listed a 13.5 inch screen laptop as being in store, but they were none to be seen. Office Depot's sales clerk seemed to be more interest in selling a 18inch monstroy, and Office Max was the same (Rancho Cucamonga doesn't have a Staples)
I wound at Wal mart, where I found and Acer Aspire one 10 inch scree, 260 GB hd , and 1 Gb ram. I feel like Goldilocks!
As far as linux, don't fret. My Phone is an Andriod, and have a Kindle , both of which are linux powered devices.
It's been about 7 years since I started playing around with Linux. It's great o/s with a lot flexiblity built in , which makes idea for specialized devices. As Far as desktops and laptops go, I still like Windows. Fits my budget, and I don't have to spend four hours working with config files to get something to run

of course Tux refers to the Linux mascot

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