Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 rides, one day

I went down to see the RAAM start today
I started off in San Juan Capistrano:
From 6-12-2010

I cruised by the mission church

I was going to take the bike path to San Clemente, but there was a nice construction crane parked on it. so I took the main highway
I met my buds there, Tony and Glenn:

and Ron

Ron is a slow rider, and he lives in San Francisco, so i held back. Granted this was interesting, if frustrating on my Part
Nice Ocean view:

we eventually got to the end of Camp Pendleton:

and what we came for: The start of Race across America, or RAAM:

I wandered around the oceanside pier

and found Chris and Isabella:

Yes, they do go across America:

I found my friend Bernie

as well as my friend Dana:

I also have a facebook friend who is racing, but I forgot about until I glanced at the Racers and saw him. That's being human
I don't think he's doing RAAM:

I did get a souvenir before heading back:

I cam back through Pendleton, but without Ron. Enjoyed being able to open it up, and the traffic was very light. Almost like a different ride
You don't see this sign everyday:

a lot of the time, you are on the old Us 101:

I thought this was a neat contrast between the old 101 and the new 5:

and I did find some swallows. The new had reported that the swallows had nested at a Country Club this year.

a long day, but a pleasant one, and a chance to ind luge my Walter Mitty-ish Fantasies, what else could you ask for?

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