Sunday, April 11, 2010

The freeway for bicycles

I did the santa Ana river trail with some friends yesterday. I went to yorba park and then rode to the Corona end:
From 4-10-2010

They're doing work on the river and widening the freeway here. so they're going to route the trail to other side of the river:

looking back:

I then pedaled to Yorba Park, where I met Steve, Eric , and Mark:

we aaited for Chirs to show up and then we took off. It was still cold, for us:

we took a break at Katella ave, just across the river from the Honda center:

Sadly, the ducks weren't all they were Quacked up to be this year. I did watch the game the night before against the Blues. I remember when I lived in St. Louis, I thought that the river was freeway in the night shots (the freeway is on the other side of the building) Honda center is also about halfway to the beach.
Across Katella is another Oc landmark. Flying Saucers?

Nope, try light up halos:

I was able to maintain a good pace all the way to beach. granted I did stop a view times to pics, but sometimes I didn't:

I know, what was I thinking using a Doris Day Track? I blame my mother for making me watch her show. here a still. about a mile from the beach:

you cross back and forth between the banks on wooden bridges:

I finally got the beach and waited for Chris and Steve:

Eric had gone back to look for them:

We then refueled at Newport Burger. and Bike repair. what a combo!:
From 4-10-2010

This is Orange County. I think the outlawed the Democratic party in 1980:

We could keep an eye on our bikes

refueling - this is Huevos Rancheros I had a light lunch- so this was more of a brunch
we then headed back:

a little grainy , since I had used my telephoto.
another shot of Angels stadium:

and the final game of the season tonight:

of course one of the benefits of the trail is that sometimes you can go faster than the freeway for cars:

I wanted to do a metric century, either 62 miles or 100 kilometers. i had to do some double track, but I "got 'er done"

I got in traffic jam, but got back up here by 1 and watched the Kings games , which they lost, and did some cleaning, which I need to do some more.
Until next week

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