Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is your dream, live it

This came to me while I was riding to church.
I admit, one of my favorite gospel verses is John 10:10.
I think that we get caught up in one upping every one, that we lose sight of the goodness that is quite literally left at our doorstep.
My Favorite story is about when George Gershwin went to Paris: he wanted to be a real classical composer. The only problem everyone he approached told him that he was wasting his money and that he should be the best Gershwin he could be.
But I'll let you be the judge
George before Paris:

and Gershwin apres Paris:

Granted ,anything after you've come up with "Rhapsody in blue" is going to be a letdown, but still..
And this isn't saying to stand pat. I didn't really discover classical music until my late 30's, it about finding the approachable dream and improving rather than wait for that winning powerball ticket or its equivlant

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