Sunday, November 08, 2009

i'm feeling lucky

I did the recumbent ride , and we didn't have that many, plus we did a familiar route, The pacific electric trail.
We stopped and chatted in Claremont:
From 11-7-2009

and Eric had a flat in Montclair:
From 11-7-2009

but everyone enjoyed themselves
From 11-7-2009

I was think about the title for today's post, as I've discovered that Picasa will let you retouch your photos. You can do it manually, or if if you want the program to make the best guess, you click on "I'm Feeling lucky"

This got me thinking about how much we rely on technology to simply our lives. Moos of the time , it's good. I don't enough about photography to do as good as the picasa program does. But some thing may be lost - i was think about this one my ride today as I was doing "let's see where this street goes" - So the key is where do you draw the line.
And lucky does have several meaning - I'v started watching and enjoying pro basketball - alto ugh I find myself liking Los Angeles' "other" team - the usually hapless LA Clippers - only when I watch the games, they win, and I don't they lose.
Will this result in an email from Baron Davis and Mike Dunleavy to watch more games? probably not, but it does broaden my interests, and that's a good thing

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