Sunday, November 01, 2009

The holy ride

Since today was the starting of normal time, at first I was going to go up Mt Baldy so I would be prepared for Twain Berg's wild sierra Challenge.
But I it was not light early enough, or at least I didn't want to run my lights, so i did the Pacific Electric trail:
From 11-1-2009

I rode out to Fontana, and then came back to my usual "pit stop":
From 11-1-2009

During my pit stop I was serenaded by liz Tokalty:

coming home I stopped at the house under construction:
From 11-1-2009

I then looped back thru upland from Claremont on its section of the Pacific Electric. I did check out the construction that is being done to link the Rancho and upland sections together:
From 11-1-2009

I know your'e saying boring ride and boring music. But some time, the old stuff just works better.
I was thinking about getting a bigger tv for my old eyes. I didn't want to spend all that money all at once, and then I notice that KMart and sears still offer layway, so I went over there. Now to do some cogitating

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