Saturday, July 11, 2009

Third time is the Charm

For the third time in as many weeks, I found myself bicycling on the Santa Ana River trail.
I decide to start out earlier to see if Could get a metric in. I got down there about 6:15 and rode back up to Green River
I made to green river and decided to celebrate by taking a pic:

Unfortunately, this section of the trail will be closed for three years in October. It happens to be my favorite section.
I made to the park and spotted Wille, we slowly started to gather. It was a popular day to ride the trail, as the parking lot was full.Mark and I counted the riders. I think if you count everybody who rode pat of the way with us, we had about 20-25 folks show up
some milling around prior to the ride start:

The Gentlemen in the orange helmet cover is from New Hamphshire . he was here visiting his son
Glenn borrowed one of Ted's bikes since his trike was broken:

From 7-11-2009

we got ready to roll out when I heard a voice crying out"Stop". we had another rider who had trouble finding some where to park. So we waited:

Our first regroup was at Katella Ave/Honda Center:

we were off again ,and we did stop until we go to the beach. we also picked up a couple on a tandem

we then Proceeded to "invade" Newport Burgers, where there were yet more recumbent riders:

After a nice brunch and conversation, we headed back at our pace , with another regroup at the Honda Center:

Once we got back to Yorba Park, we found a nice shade and sat on bikes a talked./ Try that on a "real" bike!

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FlyingLaZBoy said...

Looks like an excellent group...