Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Mother road

It took me two weeks to do this post.
The first week after church I decided to photograph two local Landmarks: The sycamore inn and the Magic Lamp inn in Rancho Cucamonga.
I did about same ride to church both weeks, out to Fontana and Back on the Pacific Electric Trail. The first week I had to arrive early to do altar guild
The magic lamp is 50's faux middle eastern architecture at it's finest:

and a nice sign:
From 7-12-2009

I then went across the Street to the Sycamore, and they do have a a grove of Sycamores outside, and the grounds have been used as a tavern since 1848. but what's this?
From 7-12-2009

It was erected by the native Daughters of the Golden West to commemorate the life of Billy Rubuttom
Skip to next Sunday:
It was still a transport hot spot in the Early 20th century. This is the old Pacific electric bridge over route 66:

Driving by here a couple of weeks I noticed something, so I decided to check it out:

It's an old section of the "mother road" -Rt66 - was probably bypassed when they built the over pass - which means it actually predates Rt66(the old San Bermardino road).
Sorry my bike did not get to make the trip:

Decided to get a photo of the other side of the Bridge . Funny I didn't know Rancho Cucamonga had a subway(maybe the mean the sandwich shop)

enough fun, now, will some turn off the blast furnace so I can go outside?

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