Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do what you like, like what you do

Today was another day off.(I have to work all Fridays in June, so I have Yesterday and Today off in compensation) I was going and try and ride my beach brevet today, but yesterday I had an emergency root canal, so I didn't think that was such a wise idea.
I was going to make a metric century (100 kilometers, or 62 miles), plus I wanted to try and do the Santa Ana River Trail on a weekday.
But I also wanted to sleep in.
I did sleep a little later, and finished the latest Ann Rule book I had checked out from the library, while misplacing my copy of the Daily Bulletin(Ontario Newspaper).
I got on the road at 7 , heading for Yorba park. I was afraid that I would get caught in rush hour traffic on the 91, but it was actually free flowing.
And the Santa Ana River Trail is different on a weekday - I noticed a lot more homeless, I debated photographing some, but decided against it. sticking to usual sights (honda center, Angels Stadium, the beach).
My dentist called to see how I was doing while I was at the beach, Fine I told him.
The ride back was fine, but I was getting a little pooped when I went back by angels stadium, so I decided to end the day at Yorba instead of going all the way to Green River.
and I enjoyed it! I always think that if you love what you are doing, the rest will follow.
And I'd like to close with some comp sci thought.
I've been trying to learn the Java language. While I've gotten the basics down, I'm still having some problems with some of the additional packages.
So I thought it over(with a little help from my invisible friends) and decided to try something different, namely the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework.
So Far , I like it a lot. Granted, they aren't as many openings for Ruby/Rails as Java, but I'm hoping my axiom will prove itself:
And I'll leave you with a program that solves one of sciences oldest riddles :) enjoy!
num_bottles = 99
while num_bottles > -1 do
if num_bottles > 0
if num_bottles > 1
puts (num_bottles.to_s + " bottles of beer on the wall.\n")*2
puts 'Take one down, pass it around.'
puts ' '
puts (num_bottles.to_s + " bottle of beer on the wall.\n")
puts (num_bottles.to_s + " bottle of beer on the wall.\n")
puts 'Take it down, pass it around.'
puts num_bottles.to_s + ' bottle of beer on the wall.'
puts 'No More bottles of beer on the wall.'
num_bottles -= 1
PS. I tried the *2 trick on the 1 bottle puts, but it keeps on giving me an error. I need to learn some more

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