Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh my God, you're riding a Real bike!

So said Pauly. she trier to correct herself to say I was riding a "normal" bike . Made me feel like this guy:

But before I did the ride, I decided to go up Lytle Creek road. even tough had the "June Gloom" fog, it made for pretty pictures:
From 6-20-2009

Crossing Lytle creek:
From 6-20-2009

The fog finally got too thick:
From 6-20-2009
My glasses fogged up coming back the mountain, but surprisingly ,we had a record turnout:
From 6-20-2009

I made up to the first regroup in record time (for me)
I chatted with Fred and Sylvia Santiago, who had gotten a new Tandem:
From 6-20-2009

From 6-20-2009

Tom and Mary Lou Logsdon pulled in on "el green-go":
From 6-20-2009

We decided that maybe I should change my name to theChameleon
Then I went and had my hair down before heading out to bent up to get new brakes put on my bike.
One of the strange things about bent is that Lot of folks test ride trikes by riding them around inside.
Dana had his kids there (This is father day, after all)
And let wave to farewell to Andres , who's busy putting together a Catrike.

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