Sunday, February 08, 2009

A beatiful day?

That song sounds familiar but the artist doesn't, at least if you don't listen to Contemporary Christian (it's Sanctus Real
Saturday was a icky day weather wise, but the morning looked promising. So It took off to head for the club ride. talked to Ray and Barbara VanderNat on the way there. But I was the only person who thought it was a beautiful day. one other person showed up to ride, but he wanted to do shinn road. So we went out ways. I went up to the closed section of highland, and then up Campus in Upland. I thought that I had been on baseline in Claremont, so I did that.
Then I went out to Van Nuys. At least I'll call it bike, but the UCI and may disagree:
From 2-8-2009

And that's why I picked that song - Familiar , but different, yes?
And it's going to take me some time to adapt - It is very different to ride. Since it was spitting rain all day, I did parking lot loops. Did get 8 miles.
And sometimes the dream does not die , but changes shape. I was working on my bible journal software, but I may be joining a team working on exercise software. On of my other hobbies is old autos, and the History behind them. I',m sure you're aware of the fact that Ransom Olds got forced out of Oldsmobile and wound with REO. But you not be aware that a similar fate befell Henry Ford.
Henry started out with the the Henry Ford company, after Henry got the boot , they decided to name their cars after the founder of Detroit: Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.
So, sometime dreams change shape in unexpected ways (the key is listening to see which way to go)

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