Friday, February 27, 2009

unexpected surpises

I'll admit that two day into this, maybe the chicken noodle soup diet maybe wasn't such a good idea.
You see, I decided to be healthy and bought the Campbell's Select harvest label. Nice and healthy, no funky chickens and no MSG.
But it gives me diarrhea. So I'm going withe Campell's chunky (lots of Sodium and MSG, Yum!), which I tolerate.
And I meant to start working bible journal project again. but that's why we confess that was sin "by what we have done and what we have left undone"
I do one other lent practice that I'm thinking about, I'll let you know if I do it.
But back to unexpected surprises. I needed to go into work and make some hours due to power outage (the joys of contracting!). I expected to be a boring 5 hours. It was the opposite of boring. Left me wondering if on of my other projects - a CMMI appraisal - I should rate us at -1. Planning ahead does save you grief.
But I got done what I could and went home. I just going to show my new bike at Comp Edge and REI. the wrenches at both places, plus I went to the post office and the bank.
and Surprise! My errand run turned into a great deal of fun, in between floating down Arrow route at 20mph with very little effort, to getting started on a hill, climbing without wobbling, and finding where that bike path REALLY ended, it was a great hour on the bike. wouldn't have worked out any other way!
So rejoice when life throughs you a little surpise. you never know when bad things become good.

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