Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Vistas

I decided to head east instead of west on the Pacific Electric this morning. It was good.
The main problem was that My Garmin footpod was not working and my heart monitor said my pulse was 28. I put the chest strap on the right and that got 'er done, but no distance.
I noticed that the trail was now open to East ave. But they still had the "dead end" sign up. I took a nice photo of the vines and the mountains. I then head over to Millken before heading back to the Coffee shop. I noticed that we had gorgeous vist of the "palm of god" - our local Valley. you could even the snow on Mt San Jactino near Palm Springs (about 60 miles/100K away). Wished I had a panoramic camera. I did get one of Mt San Gorgino. Actually, I didn't bring my EasyShare as I though It would be the same old same old. helps to have a phone with a 3 megapixel camera. so I may able to not bring a camera on my next journey, too.
Speaking on new vista, I spent the afternoon looking at apartments. Now to decide if want to move and to where. If only the had Photo shop for dwellings.
But not to worry, as the good book say, that's the Jewish Carpenter's job.

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