Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh My God, what Did I sign up for?

Well, it was a Busy couple of days. I did go out for a bike ride: and wound up In downtown Cohoes: Before Heading home: I got talked into going to a Pre-ordination class, and then I had to go to a funeral. Oh Boy, what did I ever agree to? Maybe there's still time to back out. Let's see where the Lord leads on that one. Sunday, I went out for a brief ride over to Joe Bruno Stadium: Before heading over to the Western Turnpike Golf Course for The Bishop Ball Golf Tournament, where I was a hole watcher. What is a hole watcher? See this nice Rav 4: and this Lovely hole? Well, If some one were to make a hole in one shot, I was to award them the car. I spent most of the day working on my book, which involved make sense of the lectonary reading for the 19th Sunday after Penetecost, 1954. I think I wrote some of the readings down wrong. No one won the car, which was good, as there was no service in the prayer book for awarding it: Lord, we thank thee for causing the ball to hook most fortuitously and beg thine divine mercy for wrapping the nine iron around the bush on the seventh hole.... Until next week (Hopefully, a less hetic weekend

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