Saturday, December 15, 2012

So, Tom Jefferson picked up his AR-15....

Well, it's 33 degrees out, so it'sa a little too cold to do much biking. I was thinking about the shooting yesterday in Newtown and the 2nd amendment. You know, the one that says we have to arm the loonies. And if read this here blog long, you know that I've done some fiction set in the time period that the US Consitition was written. So I got to wondering, how did they deal with these folks? Well, for starters, most folks were home schooled, and formal schools were likely to smaller affairs. Of course they were no movie theathers or shopping malls. And a gun was probably more available. So why weren't they news? Well, If you asked Tom Jefferson to get you a gun, he probably would have come back with something like this:
Rather than this:
You may have noticed a slight differnce there. It's little bit harder to tote around a 7 foot long Kentucky rifle. And them you get into the logistics of reloading a muzzleloader (which all firearms were at the time), the shootees would have an advantage. But we can't tap our ruby slippers and go back in time, so what do we do? Some would say ban all guns, and to heck with the second amendment. I really don't see that happening. And these folks have gotten ahold of thier arsenals after passing background checks, so that didn't work out. Considerig that all the shooters appear to be suffereing from Mental Issues, may be need to take a different apporoach, and have them sumbit paperwork saying that they are of sound mind. That, I think would set a high enough barrier to hopefuly limit thier access. Ok, enough preaching today

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