Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Class back to Albany

As I said, The last time I heard from Delta, my seat assignment was 1C and 1A. I made it past security and was soon gazing on the horde of CRJ's that constitutes Delta's hub operation: Did United break your guitar, Son? Never worry, the gift shop will sell you a new one:
A plane from the "real" Delta: a MD-88:
and a CRJ 900 from Pinnacle:

Plus the usual Fedex traffic:
And yes, I did have 1C:
After much pampering, (as in real glass, would like another refill? Let me take your coat, and have some more candy),
 we arrived in MSP with much snow: No Recital today: More snoopy: and I did have seat 1a: We took off about a half hour late. I was going to take a picture of the full meal that they served me, but I dropped my camera. Thankfully, I filched this from another trip report on
Pretty much identical to mine. We got to Albany about 11, and it was shortly before midnight before I left the economy parking (had to shovel out the car). Not bad. Granted I would have liked to made it home on my original day, but this was a nice way to make up for it.

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