Sunday, December 30, 2012

Once in 137 years

The trip was normal until Christmas evening. It started to snow, which was the first time it had snowed in Memphis on Christmas ever since records had been kept. It was still going Wednesday morning:

Mother had bought a top at the TJMaxx at summer center without trying it on, so we exchanged it:
And then shortly before lunch, Delta gave me a robocall: The flight from Atlanta to Albany had been cancelled, and they had rebooked me through Detroit leaving two hours later. Not much to worry about, so we went down and had lunch:

and then I got another Robocall: The flight from Detroit to Albany had been cancelled as well, and I was now booked to go back tomorrow via MSP. In seats 1C and 1a, as in First Class. A nice little present. The only hitch was the rental car company made me go back to the airport to extend the rental since I had booked it through hotwire. When I got back I took a little walk through Overton Park:

This is the entrace to the Levitt Shell. It does like a guitar from this angle:

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