Friday, July 06, 2012

Recording history

My mother had a lost a bolt from her walker, so I went out to get one. I found a a local Hardware store on Madison, explained my issue, and 74 cents later, we were back on the road. I took her with me to Sun studios: They were plenty of folks there. The current sun studios is actually two buildings, The studios, and Next door, where there was a diner. The diner did double as the offices, as this is where Elvis signed his first recording contract. Speaking of which, here is the actual lathe used at the time: It's upstairs of the diner, in what was an old rooming house. We went down, and I picked up mother (stairs were too steep), and we went in the studio the way Elvis did: The front door. You don't get to do that with the normal tour The studios: BTW, the photos are from my phone. They don't allow flash photography, and with the Cell coverage I get here at the Parkview, it's a lot easier to get them uploaded. Afternoon was spent shoe shopping. I'll leave you with a promo:

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