Sunday, June 26, 2011

Small , but mighty

No riding this weekend, I got laid low by a Sore Throat. which I 'm just now getting over. Good, as I'm getting ready to head our of town again.
Last week, I was riding up Euclid when I had a flat, after fixing, I noticed something:

Yep, broke a spoke.
I was thinking about them, for the non-cyclists, alone they're quite wimpy (after all, originated as wire), but put together (Laced) and put under tension, they can support several hundred pound.
This led to me think about how we all want to be "Stress free". But a bicycle wheel won't work well without stress, and neither do we, Of Course, the cure for an overstressed wheel is much less expensive than de stressing a human (I was out $16).
Until next time, keep the rubber side down

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