Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best of both worlds

Sorry, no bike pictures today. we've been having the June Gloom.
and thinking back over my trip to Indiana, I came up with: an idea for another story. sigh.
Actually, it's good because I needed to do some plotting on the Lorimer story. I haven't abandoned it, like I have with a couple of other attempts of mine. but this is coming along too, so I guess I've found my niche.
And I've been playing around with some Computer stuff, since we may eventually be using the Spring Framework. so i've been downloaded packages here. Initial opinion: Give me Ruby on Rails or give me death.
And since I got asked for my card, today I sat down with Open Office and 2 hours later, Viola:
From Pictures
not bad, I wanted a Tricon hat with a Quill pen, but alas, none to be found.
And I know I'm showing my age with Van Halen, so :

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