Sunday, December 19, 2010

They had you tube back then?

Since this was a Rain day in here in LA, I stayed in and worked on my book.
I've finally got them to Paducah. I grabbed my real life friends Brent and James, and sent them back in time. I gave them a Stable/blacksmith shop to run. I also decided to have one of my Characters a horse that needed new shoes.
So how to describe this? You tube to the rescue! It really hasn't changed that much since 1788.
This gave more ideas , since I also needed to describe a Gunsmith shop in Vincennes. However, most of the video considered a 1911 army revolver "Vintage". Ha! Still, this guy did give some ideas:

Now , if you excuse me, I need to find some General Store videos, with a glue salesman named Tom

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