Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Magic Number

Or Do Hare Krishna's sell rollaboards?
As I had mentioned before, the Olympia bag I've been using as a carry-on is getting a bit ratty. It probably didn't help that I threw it at a MTA Bus in a vain attempt to get it to stop
And I really wanted a spinner. Yes, I know, it's that vanity thing again.
And I did have a couple of other requirements. It couldn't be more than 11 inches, due to the fact that it needed to fit into the overhead bin of American's fleet of MD80's. I learned this from AA's website. They also have another “magic number” 45. the width, depth, and height combined cannot exceed 45 inches.
So I put my trusty measuring tape in my purse and headed over to Ontario Mills. I parked at the west end , between Marshall's and the JCPenny outlet. The other place that carries luggage there, Burlington Coat factory, is at the other end of the Mills. They didn't have much selection that last time I looked and the last couple of time I went there, they Kiosk vendors were more than overly pushy.
Sure enough, I had taken about 10 steps when “You need a massage, Pretty Lady”

Argh. I did make to Marshall's, where I found a Delsey Helium, and a Olypmia that were both labeled as 21 inch carry ons. I then discovered that I had left the Tape measure in the car.
So back out and past the vendors. again. no “pretty lady” this time. Hmmm, is that good or bad?
I decided to duck into Penny's. The had a Samsonite 21 inch spinner, originally $260, on sale for $49.
Deal of the Century! Advertised dimensions: 45 on the spot. with 10 inches of depth!
Then I got the tape measure 50 inches with 12 inches of depth. It turns out the advertised dimensions were for the main compartment and didn't take into account the other compartments or the wheels.
so it was back to Marshall's The Delsey also advertised itself as being within the 'legal' limits. The Olympia made no claim other than being a 21 inch spinner. The measuring tape showed the both to be same at 45 total, I thought this was odd, so I measured them again Delsey 48 Olympia 44. No wonder the airlines have so much trouble with carry ons! I wouldn't be surprised to see some one advertise Steamer trunks as a carry on.
And I do seem to have an affinity of the more nondescript brands. It does appear to be as well made as the Atlantic, albeit on the heavier side.
one thing I noticed was that most of the bag now have a TSA -approved clear bag of your toiletries. included. a sign of the times, unfortunately.
So hopefully, the Clerks will not pat you down when they see you measuring your carry-ons. This also end my obsession with luggage (hopefully). Maybe I'll see you in the boarding line

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