Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Solo Group ride

Been trying some different stuff
I kept on looking at the unfinished section of the Pacific Electric in Fontana, and thinking I could get through on my Giro 20. Veni, Vedi, Velo

Now where James Bond's evil nephew Jimmy Bond? I'm referring to 1967 movie, whihc is a lot better than a movie with 5 different directors deserves to be:

But back to that ride. We had planned this with the Socal Bent group. Only when I got to Encanto Park , there were no other recumbents. I took off anyway on the San Gabriel River Trail:

I then got on Hiway 39 with some nice views past the dams:

Some fall colors near the OHV area:

I waited at the turnoff for the trail. no bents here. I did enjoy the access road. Probably should have stopped and taken a photo of the Santa Ana sucker fishing area, since I felt like one. Anyway, enjoy!

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