Sunday, July 11, 2010

le nouveau francais

One of my reason for coming back was to do a little research for my fiction.
We stopped in the little town of Kaskaskia, Illinois. This town is odd in that it is now on the west bank of the Mississippi. The river changed course and went through the middle of town. it's most important because on July 4, 1778, George Rogers Clark and his troops to the town from the British and told the mainly French citizens of the Franco-American alliance(which had nothing to do with spaghetti) The bell was rung by Fr Pierre Gibualt (doesn't ring a bell? look him up)

the only thing left of the town is the Catholic Church. It was rebuilt after the flood of 1844 which wiped out the town, but subsequent floods have made it a ghost town:

a big street leaving the town:
we then went on to Saint Genevieve, which was founded in the 1700. this is the Bolduc house from 1780:

Maybe I should move back:

we then went to the Gibourd house,which is from 1806:

The flags of New Spain, New France, and the US (what happened to the Osage?)

we then ended up the day at the Amoureux house, it's owned by the State of Missouri, and dates from 1760:

It was a great day , I had not been to Sainte gen (at least the historic houses, since high school, and this gave some new insights

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