Saturday, July 10, 2010

going home

Since the Lord has been good to me, I took another trip home.
one of the things we do at St. Marks is have a Flat lion photo contest. we take a paper lion and photograph it on our travels:
From 7-8-2010

I was at the Ontario airport, some neat stuff:

George Chaffey founder of ontario:

My first flight of the day was to Dallas:

we had a little rain, but then I flew into Saint Louis:

It was dark by the time I got to Cape,
Saturday Morning, I rented a Dodge Avenger. great car, unless you want to back up:

I went to old McKendree chapel:

and then went to the Mall with Mom. we ran into my Brother there:

Mom and I then went on to the Lorimer house museum, it's closed during the winter:

I bought a replica British Guniea coin as a keepsake, and then we took off to Illinois and the Thebes Courthouse. This is where Dred Scott won his freedom, but lost it on appeal. The river (Mississippi) is in the Background:

and from the Missouri side

The Emerson Bridge. The River is in flood stage:

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