Sunday, July 25, 2010

Changes in attitudes

Ok, I'll admit i've neglecting this. For a whole week!
I've been out doing some rides I haven't done in a while. Friday , I did Glendora Mountain road. At least part of it:

It was little different on the bent. I didn't have to stop and take panting breaks, but legs did get sore, plus I wanted to go home and do some errands
Sunday, I did another ride that I haven't done in a while:

It's good to to have the confidence to do these rides on my recumbent. but what about those crazy long distance rides of yore?
Well, as my friend Liesel (the 747 pilot) said, 'you've got a life outside the bike'. It's true,I've found fun learn about new computer stuff (not to mentioned continued employment). I've found fun and (and maybe a new career, Hah!) writing. and its hard to do those things with doing 12 hour bicycle rides every other weekends. so it's adios to Paris Brest Paris and hola to:
It was a dark and stormy night along the Father of Water. Lame Horse cursed his long knife , Ben, for forgetting to leave a canoe on this bank. Just then , Rabbi Lieberman rode by on his lay down horse. He knew then he had too much firewater...

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