Saturday, March 06, 2010

One ride or two?

I stared out to do some training for Solvang Century next week. I was going to do my usual 60 mile ride.
The weather did not look promising:
From 3-6-2010

I was riding along 19th at Campus. I heard Thunk, Thunk, BLAM!
From 3-6-2010

I thought I was going to have get someone to come and pick me up. Luckily, Pete Figueredo and Steve Albano happened by. The three of us patched my tire enough to get me home. Well, at least to the KFC across Vineyard. Steve followed me home. I switched to my other bike. Actually this proved providential, as I having a bit of an issue fitting all my stuff for one commute into one big pannier. I have another set of smaller, but I could only find one of them. I had meant to go to REI and see what they had.
and they had a couple of pair I liked. Until I tried to put them on my rack. One would not fit, and the mounting mechanism for the other came apart in my hands. Hmm.
So I went to some more bike shops. Two did not have any. The one that did did have a pair that fit and the mounting system didn't fall apart by looking at it. I got home and searched, and found the missing pair:
From 3-6-2010

versus the one big one:
From 3-6-2010

I was remind of how old that pair was by the Trek logo:
From 3-6-2010

If remember right, I bought those at Southside Cyclery in Saint Louis in 1995 or 1996. not too shabby.
I then want to Coates Cyclery to see about the tire. Corey comped me a new tire. But it was an expensive trip:
From 3-6-2010

Since I had fallen on Thursday and Sunday, and since Most sources recommend getting a new helmet after you've had a fall, it called my name. Plus, it is red. You might have notice that it is my favorite color.
So thanks to some friends, I go to ride two bikes in one day

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