Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The lesser evil

I gave up soda for Lent. once I got the hang of it , it wasn't too bad. Plus I found Plenty of Arizona and Snapple Teas.
Except for Yesterday. I only brought enough tea with me to last till about 3, and I was thirsty.
So I Trotted upstairs. We have a vending machine that's branded for Snapple. Only except there's usually everything but Snapple in it. I went up, and there was an Arizona tea in it. The only catch it was a sugared (or shall we say corn syrup?) tea. Hmmm. do I break my longstanding tradition of only drink diet soft drinks? or the lent vow of no soda.
I took a look at the label - 2 serving - 70 calories.servings - not bad. So I bought it.
Today, I had another dilemma - the weather forecast this AM called for 50% chance of rain tonight. Do I ride or do I drive? I listened to that still small, voice. I drove. While it did not rain, I did wind up on a later train - If had ridden, I would been getting back about now.
I'm not comparing Corn syrup or a Dirty Bike to real evil, but still it proves that you have know when to break or bend the rules...

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