Saturday, May 17, 2008

Same week different results

I knew it was going to be really, hot so I started out at 6am.
Id did my usual week day ride up to the Pacific Electric Trail, I noticed that there was sign up, so I took a picture(what a difference and hour makes(I usually go by the sign before the sun is up).
The trail was quiet. I took victore to east (saw Jenn Dorgan going down Etiwanda) and stopped at the new park off banyan to take a photo of the contrails. then went up duncan canyon road. I thought I could make it to Sierra Ave, but only made to the Lytle Creek road turn off. I was an tandem, but wasn't close enough to identify the riders. i saw sliver helmets, so I thought it was Fred and Sylvia(it was actually Tom and Sue, and they saw me, but though I was someone else, too). I started to head back to the coffee shop. I rode with Karen Miranda back to It's A Grind. I poked fun at her husband , Hank, for driving.
I was debating which version of the ride to do. I usually alternate, depending on how I want to talk to. But I took a neat photo of the Angeles National forest sign when we had the May Gray, and I wanted to show what it looked like under "normal" conditions.
Well, my friend(will John McCain sue me for libel?), I picked the wrong day!
In addition to the temps, there's nice wildfire going on Mt Blady("Big Horn Fire")so Ihad to put with asj , in addtion to the heat. I had to take a couple of breaks(I can usually do that section of Baldy road in one sitting). I took some photos of the firefighting equipemnt, and of the sign.
Since no one as was the regroup(except for the highway patrol officer telling they couldn't go to Baldy Village). I wen back 19th Street and Victoria Park Lane. I had a Funky Monkey iced coffee(Yes, I need to find decaf beverages), and joined in the bull session.
You may have noticed that I had two bags on my bike. That beacauseI want to pick my new paier of glasses form my Boss' wife shop in Victoria Gardens, and I need to get some stuff from REI.
while I was at REI, I too a drink from the water fountain. I almost filled my Camelbak and I probably should have(forgot to listen to that Still,small voice), since I ran out of water at Rochester and 6th. I remebered that there is a Mobil at the 10 Freeway and Haven ave. I got some water and a Gatorade.
While I filling my Camelbak, I was thinking what to do with the bottles. I try and reclycle ALL my bottles, but I didn't know how to get them home. Espically henious, since I wound being my church's recycling guru! Talk about being present with a sin!
As if on cue, a man appeared and start rummaging through the trash for bottles. Ha cated surprized when I chased my to give him my Gatorade bottles. I was alos think about how, at REI, I alomst bought some more Accelrade. I had switched to the from Perpetuem since it tended to turn rancid in high temps, and everything said on long ride, you should have protien. Well, guess what, Accelrade has the same problem. So maybe not being able to tote that accelrade back of part of the plan after all.
I mad it bakc, and took a glance the temp reading on my bike. Only 109 (yes I know, they're wildy inaccurate, my home one has 106.7, and the offical weather at the airport is "only 100").
So God does look for us when bit off more than we can chew...

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