Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gentle breezes, my foot!

I decide today I would do my brevet of the month.
It started out fine.
I went down Etiwanda, and across mission. I stopped to take some pics of the Mission Inn. I then had the experience of getting halfway across some railroad tracks when the gates went down . Hence the The train pic.
Did the climb up to Alessandro blvd with no problem. The only issue was a construction project On Alessandro from the 215 to Mission Grove I zoomed down to Victoria and took a couple of pics of the street and a citrus grove .
I then Tired a new route to avoid a bottleneck and the 91 and McKinley. Which worked out great!
The problem start when I turned on Hamner to go North to Rancho. The weather forecast was gentle breezes. What we had was a full fledged Santa Ana! 20 mph sustained winds! To top it it off, Hamner/ Millken is actually a false flat - you gain about 600 feet in 15 miles. Instead of my usual 14 on that stretch, i was down around 8-10.
By The time I got to Rancho, I was pretty pooped! I decided to see if went west (which the route did), I would have better luck. But I thought about the fact the route climaxes(quite literally!) with climb up Lytle Creek Road - prime Santa Ana territory.
so I packed it in. I'm really glad I did, even if it means giving up on some things/
PS. Dale Wright went to meet the Lord on Monday. He was declared brain dead

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