Friday, February 01, 2008

getting ready....

Well I was going to post some neat-o keen photos of Downtown La from my Mountain Bike ride at Claremont Wilderness park.
And then my co-worker Carlos, passed away. I tried to do at least one long distance ride a week, and his memorial is Saturday, and it's supposed to rain on Sunday..
So I did my long distance ride today. I hadn't been up the Cajon pass in a while, so I went there.
I stopped about mile away from home, and took a photo of Cucamonga peak. I then took the Pacific Electric trail across Rancho, and did the detour around what I call "Lake Pacific Electric". I ran in to my friend Bruce Taylor, and we talked about our randoneurring adventures.
I then climbed up through Devore ,and took anther pic. I made up to the end of old 66, and turned. I had to fix a flat. I made down the pass , and stopped by the Metrolink Station and bought my February Pass.
I then pedaled by an old winery. Here's a link to some of our area's wine history.
When I went by Bear Gulch park, I heard a loud POW! you guessed it - another flat. I was debating fixing it - I was only a half mile from home, and even less if I cut through the park and school. But school was in session, and I didn't want to have a meeting with San Bernardino's County finest(Rancho is what is known in California as a contract city - our Police officers are actually all Deputy Sheriffs(even though the car say "Rancho Cucamonga Police".
So what does all this have to do with getting ready? As you may know Ash Wednesday is next week, which means Lent is starting.
Traditionally, we Anglicans emphasize Discipline rather than outright fasting. Long time readers may recall that last year, I did a blog post a day. It turned out to be an adventure.
So what am I going to do? I'm going to try and give up soda. even though I drink diet, I still drink too much. and I'm also going to try and ride my bike every day(yes, this is California, but it s rainy season.) I usually trying to get my lent resolutions to improvement in myself.
So what does this have to do with San Carlito, partoƱ of Pan Dulce?
well, we all know life has a habit of getting in the way, So yeah, I 'll probably miss a few days, and drink a few Dr Peppers. but what matters is not that our plans have to change, but how to handle life... even today, I went to get a new tire and tubes from Don's bikes, and forgot that I needed patches
Have some Pan Dulce(Mexican Sweet bread that Carlos would always tempt me with..) for Carlos Talancon. and live each like it was your last

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