Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The return of Jabez....

I was doing some more research on prayer, and ran across a book called : The Prayer Experiment: Discovering a Prayer That Could Change Your World
by Jay Dennis
Yes, it's about our old Jabez, but it's not really about getting a new Rolls-Royce in your driveway. Rather, the prayer is about asking to expand your opportunites to serve him.("expand my territory")
another neat fact is that Jabez is close to Hebrew for "pain". so in fact, you the bible writer(whomever you believe them to be) were have fun with puns (a Kid named "PITA" turns out to be God's Chosen) as well as the General Chronicles theme - Those how seek to do God will are blessed,and those that don't suffer the consequences.
I've meaning to update this since Saturday, but time got away, Thankfully today , I had jury duty(yes, I must be a commie for saying that) and the parties settled, so I got an extra day off!

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