Saturday, September 08, 2007

why we don't GMR in the summer:

I was going to do a moonlight double metric , but my ride partners backed out, and I didn't think I should tray and pedal through downtown Rubidoux at 10PM. I was getting a little bore with the club, and decided that I hadn't done Glendora Mountain Road in long time, so I headed out that way.
I pedal by the Mc Donalds at Foothill and lone hill in Glendora. I was hearing that still, small voice that was telling me that I should and refill my Camelback, Did I/ Nooo!:(
I made up to the shed in record for me! and I passed a couple of folks on bikes (usually I'm the passee) woohoo!:) :) I stopped at the shed and had some Sharkies, and then continued on to Glendora Ridge Road.
I was doing until Got past the halfway point. I ran out of water and I had forgotten my endurlytes(salt tablets) . I started cramping real bad. I could walk, and the heat I think had something to do with it, and I was just before you start to descend to Cow Canyon saddle, so I walked:( . Took it easy until I got into the baldy village, and then got a refill of my Camelback, some powerade, and some "prune juice"(aka regular Dr Pepper). Refreshed I bombed down mt baldy road.
When I got ready to turn to go home, I had a dilemma: I had promised to ride for Mary9761's on Team E and BikeJournal's birthday,, and I only had 55 miles. So i went over to Hermosa and down to 8th before heading
Miles 63
Time don't ask:o

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