Thursday, September 20, 2007

when a Date is not a Date

I've been playing with Java some more. Specifically I'm trying to do some thing to make my life easier.
What happens is that I maintain the test Database at work . The case expire after a week , and I'm try to come up with a better way of viewing the data.
My first thought was to store the data in a SQL database I read in the a date and tried to store it. Turns a Java.util date is different that a Java SQL date. so I needed to cast it.
And i turn out, that I'm just going to "store" it as plain text, since I'm probably going to be using XML to store the data. No need to persist the data.
But yet, I still worked on getting my casting code right when I didn't need to. It was fun and hood practice, and sometimes , things don't need a "payback". I recent bought a child's flute )well, actually a recorder because I've want to learn more about music. Currently, my neighbors probably think I'm torturing cats. I really don't think I'll ever play in public, but still, it fun, and I'm learning things.
So in short. do what you love, love what do, and it'll all work out. Hopefully
Ps. here's a good blog post to get you thinking:
Kathy Sierra #1

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