Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Silver Streak to Olvera Street

I had a dinner with the Linux Chix at Olvera Street (You can also Try this link)
I would usaully take Metrolink in , as Olvera Street is right across the Street from Los Angeles Union Station (or this one) but is was the weekend. I Could leave here about 2 and get there about 3, which would leave me plenty of Shopping time before dinner at 4. The only problem was that there was a Train back at 6 or 9, which meant I could have plenty of downtime.
Fortunately, a local bus agency has started running an express service called the Silver Streak it has much more frequent service, at a lower cost. The only catch I could see was that it took longer.
So I paid my two bucks and climbed aboard. As you can see from the image, the bus isn't silver. And it sure didn't streak down the 10. We got to make a detour to downtown Pomona, (Take a leave it Beaver set and replace the English signs with Spanish). and a Trip by West Covina mall, and the El Monte Bus station.
we got there, I got some shopping, and I had an excellent dinner and great conversation at La Luz Del Dia , which included being serenaded by a really bad Mariachi band.
at 5:30 the dinner was over. I had to decide on the bus or the train again. I decided to take the bus, alhough we got stuck in a traffic jam, so it was a wash.
So Pros: Less expensive ($4 vs $12), more frequent service
Cons: slower, less deluxe accomdations
Olivera Street Images licensed under Creative commons
Silver Streak GNU Public License

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