Saturday, July 15, 2006

Round the lake we go....

Today the club went to Lake Elsinore. This is Southern California's only natural lake. It was very hot today, so we went for a short ride., about 40 miles, I got started a bit early, since I am planning on doing a brevet series, and would like to build up my mileage. got about 13 in before I made it back to Tom's Farms. We had 11 riders which was very good for us.

Thing started OK, But one rider soon feel back. Tom Logsdon stay with him. It was the second ride of his adult life, and he was on a department store Schwinn. We had a rest break after 7 miles to get everyone together:

We were soon off again and into the City of Lake Elsinore. Fred Roth had a flat, so we waited for him to fix it. we were soon waiting for Tom and “Mr Schwinn”. I doubled back, and found Tom By himself. It turns “Mr Schwinn” was not doing so good. Tom would take his charge one way around the lake, and we would go the other way. My toolbag decided to come off, so we had to take a stop to fix it:

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the lake. Should have , as it was a slow day, and would have given me a chance to do some speed work. We stopped at a convenience store. Afterwards, I had a flat, which we quickly repaired. We rounded the lake and came around to the other side. We soon found Tom, and Jeff had a flat tire. We paused at another store:

And the group photo:
From Left to right:

Fred Roth, Tom(?). Cheri,(?), Moi, “Mr Schwinn”, Tom Logsdon JackPichardo, Mike Bascia,Caroline Pichardo, and Jeff Dorgan

We pedaled our way back. The group managed to hang together, and went past a neat abanbonded hotel. At about 6 miles to go, we let everyone do their own thing thing. Mike and Fred soon left me behind. Jeff had another flat. We had lunch per Tom L.'s suggestion, at Senor Tom's (wonder why he liked that name?)

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