Friday, July 14, 2006

Assault on Mount Baldy

I've been meaning to try and see how far I could make it up Mt. Baldy road. Today was the day. Started out on the wrong foot by forgetting my camera, after retreiving it, I was off. It was the usual rote throurgh Upland. I was passed by a couple of guy who suggest I needed a lower gear . Sorry, but I was already in my 30X27. They pulled off at Shinn Road. What wimps! I slugged my way up to Hogsback, Taking a couple of rests along the way. The first photo was from one of those. I resumed going up the grade and made it to first goal of the day: Baldy Village and 4,000 feet (started the day at 1,200 feet) I also saw a neat yucca plant. The grade leveled out at bit. so I decided to press on. I wanted to make to Icehous canynon, but wound up turning around at Baldy rest. You can see my bike, as well the view back down the hill. I took a little differnt route home. You could the smoke from the fire out near Pionerrtown. I was goint to take a photo, but was not sure if would turn out. Turns out, I was Half mile short of Icehouse. Darn!

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