Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Senilty Sucks.....

It's been a week since I became Great Aunt Jana. Pic 1 is Megan Nicole Lingo.
This moring I woke up for my normal bike ride and could not find my keys. They're still lost. I think that Lord Voldermort snuck in and cast a spell. I have the master key form the landlord for now, althiugh we will probably wind up switching the lack this weekend. I called Kal at LA LEADER(aka work) and he said to take today instead of friday off. I, of course, took my mind off the key by going for a bike ride!(what were you thinking?)
pic 2 is of Ontario peak from claremont

pic 3 is the junction of Baldy and Shinn(it's actually 2500 feet here)

pic 4 is spanish broom

next one is looking back over Upland and Claremont

The south baldy tunnel

and finally, a Yucca Plant in full bloom

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