Thursday, June 08, 2006

ants in my pants

Ants in my pants.

Well, I'd thought I'd be smart and download all kinds of stuff to keep me busy today. The best laid plans of mice....

I downloaded a program called Ant for windows. It 's designed to make builds(part of the programming/ compiling process) easier. And I needed to compile HSQLDB. I got it installed, and promptly built (I thought) HSQLDB. Tried to run a simple program. No dice. Being a Java newbie, I was not up to speed, so i thought I had something wrong.

I then tried to install Postgre. It complained that I was not using the NTFS file system. The only problem was I using Windows XP, which uses NTFS. I then tried to install MySQL. It complained that I had port 3306 closed. The only problem was I had 3306 open on my firewall. So much fun.

I switched over to Linux. I had installed Eclipse and HSQLDB last night. I quickly fired up Eclipse and entered the sample program. All was well, until i tried to compile it. I forgot to get the Java Compiler.

Back to Windows, I figured what happened to HSQLDB. When you compile a Java program, the computer is supposed to generate a something called a Jar file. As you may have guessed, I did not generate a JAR. The other gripe I had is that Java's strength is platform independence. In Other term, a Jar for windows should be the same as a jar for Linux or Apple OS/X. Anyway, I think I found site where i can get a jar without doing a build. It's either that or import the ant Build into eclipse so I can debug it. I was going to download it tonight at the Linux meeting at Caltech, but Mike forgot to bring along the wireless router.

Work was little less boring. The usual Thursday panic ensued at 4:30 right on schedule .

Weight is still the same. should get plenty of calories burned on Saturday.

Bicycling – the usual route. I did take it easy.

I had to drive in. it was the usual June fog.

Tomorrow- maybe I'll get SQL working on the laptop. should provide tons of fun for what is usually a boring day.


Randal L. Schwartz said...

What is "postgre"? There's a database "postgresql", pronounced "post gres cue ell", oftened shortened to "post gres". But never "postgre".

Jana said...

It's postgre. what do you expect froma a dyslexic blogger? ;)
anyway, I may switch from Hypersonic to Apache Derby - more to come in my SCALE post - which will hopefully be done by friday (crossing fingers)