Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Now, we return you to the normally scheduled crisis.

Work came back with a vengeance today. I rejected about half the stuff that crossed my desk. Spent mots of my Java debating what to do next. Work on the database, The User interface (UI), and if so what to use AWT,SWT, or tomcat. or stud the SCJP exam some more. I think I 'll do the database. as that is probably be going to be a more attractive skill to an employer.
Bicycling – not much. The usual route around Sandy Place Ranch.
I'm on the train right now. The usual spectacular view of the San Gabriels. Got some more fiction work done. I need to start at looking how to market the grail book, and probably pick another one to work on I discovered that I'm now entitled to the “professional clergy” discount. woo hoo!! I can also subscribe to Christian Century. Tuesday is the night I usually watch NOVA, but KCET is having a beg-a-thon. Darn. the good news is that KVCR will run NOVA tommorrow.

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