Monday, May 26, 2014

The Blister and The Headstone

Well, Friday I went out for a ride, but I had to fix a flat before I started out. No problem, until I had another flat at Poplar and McLean(about a block). I thought it was due to a bad patch, so I replaced it. But then I got another flat at the Mid-south Coliseum. Oh-oh! It looked I had bad tire. I replaced the tube again, and made to Madison and Tucker (two blocks away)before I was deflated yet again. Needless to say , I had a nice blister on my hand after this, so instead of a Bike ride, I took my Mom out to where she was raised: Ramer, TN. It's about a 90 mile journey from Memphis, but the trip involves a little jog into Mississippi, due to better roads and avoidance of small town with a reputation form speed traps. We first went to Mt. Vernon cemetery:

I like this one, since my Grandmother Burress' maiden name was Maxedon. Most of my ancestor are buried there, but some more are at Ramer City cemetery:

This is my Grandfather and Grandmother. I had a very string feel for where they were, despite it being 35 years since I had been there (It was my Grandfather's Funeral).

Uncle James was always an engima, as he seemed to lose a bunch of himself on Omaha beach. he was awarded several medals, but no one seems to remember which ones. Somes times the past is hard to Fathom. I was thinking about that, as I going to get us a soda to drink on the way back, but the old General Store is now a wrestling arena:

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