Sunday, December 01, 2013

Too much of a good thing

I was supposed to work at a soup kitchen the Diocese of Albany has set. It's in a church that closed for attendance, and has been re-purposed as St. Francis Mission. It's on Arbor hill, one of Albany's poorer neighborhoods:

Here's Saint Francis:

we had a worship service before hand:

when we got done, I noticed one odd thing: they were too many folks - the helpers outnumber the helpees. I was really feeling the call of my books, so I asked for permission and went home. A couple of hours later, I was doe with what I set for, and I set out for the hockey game:

You'll note in addition to our usual sellout crowd, the officials are busy fixing the glass:

The score was 8-6 in favor of Albany. not exactly your typical hockey score (3-2 is more the norm) - too much once again. It's like that way this time of year - too much going on, and a lot of folks wanting to help out, versus in July, when that still small voice isn't quite as loud. I hope you get through this yuletide fine/

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