Sunday, December 08, 2013

Expanded borders

Many of you know, that I volunteer to sit at a prayer table. Well, we expanded our locations. The new one is at the Old Chruch I went to last week:

As you can see, it was not a good morning to be out on the streets. I dropped the Albany shaker Cemetery (where Ann Lee is buried):

Before heading over. This is Salih and Candy setting up. And yes, Salih spent the night on the streets:

And here are the Streets:

I would have taken some more photos, but really didn't want to take photos of folks down on their luck - it reminded me of riding along the River trails in SoCal and going past the Homeless encampments. Here's a shot of when the doors opened:
And I've committed to do some more, which might lead some of you to comment that I need to be committed.


Barbara Harris said...

I think your are awesome for what you are doing. Hope you pay more about your work and prayer table.

That girl said...

Very nice blog, and photo's!
Well done!